What’s up in the trend of PKI tech for proven your existence in the physical world (like a driver’s license, passport or college degree) that could be securely stored, managed and shared online?  The Sovrin Network is designed to do this. 
Sovrin gives identity holders the ability to manage controllable, trustworthy, and verifiable digital credentials– that can be easily stored and shared with the use of their choice of digital wallets. This allows you, the identity holder, to safely and privately control your personal information and use it online. With the Sovrin Network, proving your identity online is just as safe, reliable and easy as in the physical world. 
Governance is critical to universal interoperability in an identity metasystem because all participants must be able to make their own decisions about who and what to trust. Governance gives assurances by providing process and accountability. The Sorvin Foundation is established to provide a functioning network for an identity metasystem as a social system, and building it requires a means of building coherence to align the actions of people and organizations.
In Hong Kong, Certizen Limited is the only local organization that is also the contributing donor of the Sorvin Network. 
The Sovrin Network is the result of open source collaboration from developers all around the world. The Sovrin Foundation is a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization established to administer the Governance Framework governing the Sovrin Network, a public service utility enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. It is an independent organization that is responsible for ensuring the Sovrin identity system is public and globally accessible.