Ms. Eva Chan


Ms. Eva Chan has contributed a lot to the major telecommunication services in Hong Kong and the development of Mainland China business. She has years of experience in the IT industry. Since 2000,she created a technology innovation company to promote the development of smart city, mainly providing network security services and providing support solutions for safe and efficient e-commerce. After that, Certizen Limited was founded and the team now has more than 10 years of experience, specializing in the cryptography industry. As the Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Chan has been committed to promoting the adoption of widely using of secure payment methods for many years, urging local and international security e-commerce activities.

Ms. Chan is also an expert in cryptography. She has been promoting the use of cryptosystems to provide secure infrastructure for smart city development, promoting the deep integration of cryptosystems and smart cities, and escorting cyberspace, smart devices, digital economy, and smart city construction.

At the same time, she also exerts her knowledge and advantages in the IT field, and uses cryptography technology to carry out various technical cooperation in the field of block chain to provide a new generation of distributed trust network chain to provide safe, encrypted and traceable trading channels with legal compliance for Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Intelligence is safer because of encryption, cities are more collaborative with encryption, and life becomes better because of encryption. In the future, Ms. Chan will continue to explore and innovate, to build a new smart city that is safe and controllable based on encryption, providing strong support for secure cross-border e-commerce and electronic payment.